We want to keep our culture and values alive and pass them on to every new employee that joins Chargebee.

Most organizations live by the tenets of their organizational values and belief systems. These are guiding principles, carefully curated ideologies, and thought systems that enable an organization to pursue its objectives and goals with a sense of purpose and direction.

Chargebee is a growing organization. Today, we’re at approximately 400 people — by no means a startup anymore. About a year ago, we laid down our organization values.

Chargebee’s organizational values

These values are our guiding forces. They are the principles and practices that help us in our day-to-day decision making, our interactions with stakeholders, customers, and others.

To arrive at these values…

Crafting copy for the UI is quite a lot of fun. Really.

UX Writing is like a game of scrabble and more.

UX Writing is hardly child’s play. No, that’s not what I mean. When I say fun, I mean it’s a lot like solving puzzles or playing a game of Scrabble with a competitive opponent. It can get challenging at times, but mostly it’s like playing with words — the right words.

Here are my top favorite things about my job:

It’s about knowing your user.

Design is about being empathic. It’s about bringing in your customer’s perspective. As a writer, I often ask questions like what is the user likely to look for? What are they here for? What are they trying to accomplish? How…

At Chargebee, we hope to become a fully distributed organization someday.

Project Kintsugi aims to deep-dive into understanding and researching remote and distributed workspaces. Image credits: https://www.lifegate.com/kintsugi#

In response to the rising health and safety concerns of employees due to COVID 19, all of us at Chargebee switched to working from home starting March 13, 2020. The switch was almost overnight.

We were, at the time, optimistic and hopeful about moving back into a physical workspace. In fact, we were looking forward to moving into our brand new office space, much larger, more spacious and convenient, on the 11th Floor of the World Trade Center Building on the Old Mahabalipuram Road in Chennai.

But things have changed since. We did not anticipate all the things that have…

Creating exceptional copy is easier said than done.

Ask any UX writer. Creating UX copy is not about writing up short, meaningful sentences that are free of jargon. It is about crafting content that helps users navigate through a product seamlessly and successfully. And giving them just the information they need without overwhelming them with excessive details.

But what goes into creating this seamless experience? How do you fix copy issues that arise despite the many check points you have put in place?

At Chargebee, copy was written by designers and developers until the first UX writer was hired. Initially, the writer would create copy on a word…

At least, not yet.

Such a strong word ‘parting’ is. Almost unforgiving.

I did not think for once when I asked you to ‘not come with us’ (that’s literally how I said it) to the vacation that we would part ways. I did not think for once when you swore at me (‘Fuck you!’) that we would part ways.

But something was not right at my end. And no this isn’t me taking the blame. It isn’t. Something just wasn’t right. I never could tell if you meant all the nice things you’d say to me. I never could. I…

Rohit Nair

Lead UX Writer, Chargebee

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